Hey ヾ(^∇^)
I am Grace Chen
a Chinese-American designer who loves building and growing communities. I grew up in ☀︎ San Diego, CA and am now in my senior year at ✎ Brown University where I study Computer Science and Visual Arts.

I'm currently building AI tools at Playchat and leading the tech design team at The Brown Daily Herald. Before that, I designed growth features and creator tools at Roblox, hosted conferences for ♲ ethical design at BWxD, and led design teams at Hack@Brown.

Currently obsessed with ☏ typography, ceramics, clementines, the pickle chips from trader joes, and ✱ this animation.
I come from a background of fine art but fell in love with UI/UX after discovering it in high school. It was goal-driven and functional in a way that art was not.

Since coming to college I've:
  1. Helped put on a conference centered around ethical and interdisciplinary design in hopes to make a Better World by Design.
  2. Discovered my love for 3D modeling through designing for Hack@Brown. I went on to lead the design team and taught Blender to our newbies :)
  3. Interned as a Product Designer at Roblox, helping game developers connect with each other and building features on the homepage that allow their games to be discovered easier! Learned so much in the six months I worked there and could not imagine my job as anything other than a designer.

This is me at Config in 2023!
My roblox avatar...
Outside of design, I am:
  1. A dancer with a soft spot for contemporary and ballet. Back in the day, I was a on the US national team forAesthetic Group Gymnastics and got to travel to some of my favorite cities (Singapore and Rio de Janeiro)!
  2. A former 3D-printing fanatic. If you are also an engineering nerd, you can read my paper here on the effect of printing patterns on the strength of 3D printed soft plastics.
  3. A collector of clothes, trinkets, and hobbies.

Awards and other things i'm proud of: 
  1. Built a language learning tool that won best design hack at Hack@Brown 2024
  2. Two time panelist at San Diego Comic Con (for making a collaborative graphic novel with artist across multiple countries)
  3. Finally finished a sketchbook in its entirety ٩(^ᗜ^ )و ´-
A look at my lab table when I was doing research at UCSD.