☀︎ welcome to my playground! i am constantly creating and these are some of the projects that i've been working on ✂︎ outside of figma, from 3d modeling and animation to oil painting to ✍︎ digital art.
(All made in Maya Autodesk)
Mountain and the Boy
This was the final project for CS125: Intro to Computer Animation. We had a team of five and I helped direct, animate, light, and edit the project. All the music was composed and recorded by our team as well!
Shading and Modeling
I modeled and shaded a plastic collectible character.
Rigging and Animating a Walk Cycle
I designed and modeled a character and then created a fully functional rig for it. Finally I animated the character on a looping walk cycle.
Procedural Shading
I created a procedural shader that can create holographic and satin fabrics. The shader has custom sliders to adjust color, transparency, holographic intensity, and texture.
Cloth Simulation for Bubbles
I applied the holographic shader I made previously and added cloth simulation onto the sphere in order to mimic a bubble.
This was the final project I created for CS128: Intermediate Computer Animation. I was responsible for all aspects of the project including modeling, shading, cloth simulation, and art direction.
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As a challenge I did a series of 50 paintings in 30 days. Here are some of my favorites.
Traditional Art
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Digital Art
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